Charities Professional Indemnity Insurance As specialist professional risks brokers, we provide charities professional indemnity insurance quotes and cover from our panel of leading professional indemnity underwriters and insurers in the United Kingdom. Quotes are available for a variety of limits of indemnity to suit your requirements and we will be happy to prepare quotations on various limits in order that you may make a comparison between the relative costs and make an informed decision on your charities professional indemnity insurance needs.

What is charities professional indemnity insurance?

The professional indemnity insurance for charities policy protects you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for loss arising from a breach of professional duty. The policy protects you against compensation claims and importantly pays for your legal defence of any claim irrespective of the eventual outcome.

What is the limit of indemnity under the charities professional indemnity insurance policy?

The limit of indemnity is the insurer’s maximum liability in respect of any one claim and in respect of all claims in any one policy year. This is known as an any one claim and in the aggregate basis and differs from public liability and employers liability in this regard. You will need to ensure that the limit you select is suitable for your needs considering the aggregate basis as it is possible to “exhaust your insurance” with a single or multiple claims in a year. More information is available on our main professional indemnity insurance page including important information regarding the claims made basis of settlement that applies to most charities professional indemnity insurance policies.

How much does charities professional indemnity insurance cost?

The price you pay for your charities professional indemnity cover will depend on the exact nature of the work you undertake, your experience and whether you have previously had any claims made against you in respect of a professional breach.

How do I buy charities professional indemnity insurance?

You can apply on-line below or if you would prefer you can call us directly to discuss your charities professional indemnity insurance requirements with one of our specialist brokers.

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